Portuguese Cocagne sardine pâté

Portuguese Cocagne sardine pâté

I recently received a couple of beautiful Cocagne sardine tins and I\'m so glad I finally get to share the recipe that I made with them. I must confess that I had never eaten sardines before so it was quite a challenge but I knew straight away that since Cocagne contains some delicious Portuguese sardines, that I had to make something that was influenced by the Portuguese kitchen. Not exactly an easy task since I had only been to Portugal once and didn\'t get a chance to try any sardine foods while I was there. But luckily for me, my Portuguese friend Miguel came to the rescue! He was kind enough to share me his family\'s recipe for sardine pâté so i\'d very much like to thank the Amado family for sharing their knowledge with me! I absolutely loved the taste of this pâté and i\'ll most definitely be making this quite a lot.

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May 7, 2015
Food & Drink
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